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Welcome to the Note Room Academy of Music. We are a private music school located in Glendale, Arizona and offer music lessons for students of all ages. Our team of music teachers specializes in teaching instruments of many types to local residents of Arizona. Some of the private music lessons we offer in Glendale are as follows:

Music Lessons Offered at our Glendale Studio

• Piano

The piano is another instrument that utilizes all four limbs. The piano is one of the most beautiful sounding instruments in the world and is played by people of all ages. Learning piano is an exceptional experience, and it is proven that children growing up playing the piano tend to accelerate academically, compared to those that don’t. Piano teaches hand-eye coordination, deep concentration, and introduces beginners to reading musical notation. Glendale Piano lessons improves focus, relieves stress, and can provide a sense of accomplishment to a student. The one on one time with our piano instructors in Glendale, Arizona, will also allow you or your student to take instruction from professionals. These experiences will carry over into the classroom and the workplace.

• Guitar

Taking private guitar lessons at our music school in Glendale, Arizona, is one of the best decisions you can make for you or your student. The guitar is therapeutic, challenging, audibly appealing, and a great skill that promotes growth and social engagement. Learning an instrument like the guitar can help to relieve stress, improve hand-eye coordination, improve memory retention, and provide an outlet for those in need. Playing the guitar is like playing the piano in the sense that it requires cooperation from both hands and all ten fingers. If you play with effects like delay, chorus, or flange, then it may also require active participation from your feet. Learning guitar is an experience like no other, you won’t be disappointed if you put in the time, practice, and play.

• Violin

Taking private violin lessons has many advantages. Our students come from all over Glendale, Arizona, to learn the violin from our fantastic music teachers. Violin has been proven to improve memory and attention span among students. Individuals that struggle with learning disorders and psychological illnesses have shown improvement in overall mental health when introduced to the violin and practicing regularly. Violin stimulates the senses, including touch, hearing, and sight. Taking violin lessons also teaches students discipline and correct posture. Both of those are qualities that we all can improve on. The violin is a unique sound and those that gravitate towards learning this amazing instrument benefit from it throughout life.

• Vocals

Singing is a universal language, regardless if you understand the lyrics, you can often feel the emotion through the performance. Our Glendale music school offers singing lessons to students of all ages. Singing is an outlet, and it can develop your ear for music, and help build confidence when performing in front of an audience. Singing can build confidence, character, and strengthen your lung capacity. All of these things are valuable assets to have. When taking voice lessons at our Glendale studio, you will learn vocal arrangements from some of the most talented voice artists in Arizona. We will help you find your range, work with you to identify keys, and improve your overall performance in the studio and on stage.

learn to play the ukelele

• Ukulele

Considering taking Ukulele lessons in Glendale or Phoenix, Arizona? Then it would help if you considered trying one of our private music lessons. The Ukulele is an amazing little instrument, and an inspirational tool to learn musical performances with. The Ukulele is smaller than a traditional guitar, making it easier to play for younger people. Students of all ages gravitate to the Ukulele for many reasons, such as the sound, portability, simplicity, and it’s cute. The strings take less pressure to press than a traditional fretboard, and the music is pleasant to the ears. Ukuleles are less expensive than acoustic and electric guitars, making it a more affordable option for many students. Learning the Ukulele will also help if you decide to transition into playing the guitar, many of the fundamental concepts will carry over to guitar.

• Strings

Stringed instruments are complex and promote discipline in students looking to advance their studies beyond the basics of music theory. Playing stringed instruments has proven to help students focus in other areas of life, enhance multi-sensory learning experiences, and relieve stress. Practicing music, in general, encourages growth across other studies such as language, and complex math equations. Learning a stringed instrument is a challenging yet gratifying process that is stimulating and triggers cognitive activity in the brain. Learning and performing can improve your mental state and increase your ability for social engagement among peers. Playing stringed instruments often involves a larger group of musicians and can improve communication skills as you learn to deal with the other musicians within your ensemble.

• Drums

If you are considering private drum lessons, you have come to the right place. Our private drum room in Glendale, Arizona, was designed to accommodate musicians of all levels as they either begin their journey as a musician or are continuing education. Drums are a great stress reliever and promote coordination between multiple limbs of the body. As a new drummer, you will learn how to use both arms, and both legs, to beat rhythms and follow drum progressions. Percussion is everywhere and is present in all cultures. Drumbeats can be heard all across the world, from the jungles of Africa to the streets of New York. Drumming is truly a multi-cultural experience that is enjoyed by all walks of life.

Our teachers are well versed in music theory, and performance and offer a unique opportunity for students to get one on one private music lessons in Glendale, Phoenix, and the surrounding areas. We teach theory to students of all ages and work with them to learn and grow musically. Our approach to teaching music has had a positive impact on our students and our community. We look forward to working with you and helping you grow into a world-class musician. Contact us today to find out what openings we have available for you or your student.