About the Arizona Music Instructors

“Music defines the pages of our lives”

Shirley Mollyhorn - Piano Instructor Phoenix

Shirley Hayes Mollyhorn


Shirley studied piano with Joan Gilbert and Daniel Fletcher in Memphis,TN and graduated from MSU in Piano Performance. She also has an extensive performance background with various churches in the Phoenix Valley, as well as back east. She accompanied the Marshallette Trio on Doyle Blackwood’s weekly TV show for several years and has also accompanied singers on TBN. She has worked with various studio artists, played many different genres of music and performed in many different settings as accompanist, and soloist for weddings, lounge music, classical music, church, etc. Shirley is also a member of the Phoenix Music Teacher’s Association and the Music Teacher’s National Association. Her teaching experience includes Music Works Academy, The Institute of Music Education in Scottsdale, and Milano’s Music Studios in Mesa which has compiled 20+ years of experience. Experience includes class setting, as well as private lessons with all ages. In addition to learning songs, many other techniques are used to improve the students’ technical skills and chord/scale knowledge, which will give each student a solid foundation for growth potential. “My goal as your teacher is to enable you to to progress and succeed in whatever direction you choose to take your musical adventure, whether that is classical, rock, gospel, jazz, etc.”

Melissa Iglesias - Piano & Voice Instructor Glendale, AZ

Melissa Iglesias

Piano and Voice

Florida native, Melissa Iglesias, recently moved to the Phoenix, AZ area to continue pursuing her performing and music education career, as well as simply to enjoy the beauty of nature the south western U.S. has to offer. Ms. Iglesias received her bachelor’s degree of music in vocal performance from Florida International University in Miami, FL, and has performed female lead roles such as Carolina from Cimarosa’s opera “Il matriomonio segreto.” In addition, she has a vast working repertoire which she has performed as a concert soloist. The continued development of the next generation of musicians is a passion which Ms. Iglesias invests in as she has been sharing her skills in private piano and voice instruction for the last 4 years. As well as private instruction, she also is employed at Imagine School Cortez Park Charter School Organization as a full time general music teacher for grades K-8th and this is a tremendous source of joy in her every day experiences.

Judy Pierre - Phoenix Piano Instructor

Judy Pierre


Judith began her journey in fine arts at the age of 6 when she started taking piano lessons through Shirley Hayes-Mollyhorn. Throughout the years, she has developed the skill to perform sonatas before live audiences for several recitals, the Phoenix Music Teachers Association Ensemble, and has also received certificates of recognition for superior performance through the Phoenix Music Teachers Association Study Program. During her high school career in Arizona, Judith expanded her musical skills and knowledge of music theory by joining Westview High School’s marching band and orchestra. Along the way she learned how to play the Clarinet, Contrabass, Guitar, Saxophone, and drums, and even earned the title of Clarinet co-section leader after just one year of experience. Upon the conclusion of her high school career, Judith graduated with the honors of being in the top 5%, and being one of the top 10 scholarship recipients in her senior class, accumulating over $530,000 in scholarships from various universities nationwide. She is currently a student at Arizona State University, working towards her bachelor’s degree while continuing to grow as a musician, artist, and scholar. One of Judith’s many goals as a teacher is to provide others with the same dynamic impact that piano has had on her. She intends on spreading her knowledge, love, and appreciation for music, to ultimately promote happiness, and develop the minds of her students.

Dr Marian Dura - Phoenix Music Teacher

Zachariah Kinnard

Guitar and Piano

Zachariah Kinnard is a Arizona native guitarist and is currently residing in Glendale. He first began playing guitar as a teenager, inspired by the various heavy metal bands he grew up listening to. While playing in various bands, and performing solo, Zachariah was introduced to flamenco guitar as well as classical style guitar. Upon moving to Glendale, he quickly found his way to begin his journey into formal musical training through Glendale Community College in the Spring of 2017. In Spring 2017, Zachariah began studying classical guitar intensively with his instructor, Chuck Hullihan. Within a short time, he quickly found success as a small chamber musician and as a solo performer. In the Spring of 2019, he was awarded 1st place in the Maricopa Community College’s Artist of Promise Competition for solo guitar, as well as working with his peers to place 2nd in the Small Ensembles category. Currently, Zachariah is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in performance for guitar at Arizona State University under the instruction of Jiyeon (Jiji) Kim.

While performing has always been a priority in his musical career, education has also been an immense focus in his studies. As soon as he began his study of the guitar, he quickly focused on refining his skills as an educator to teach his peers and students. What started as a hobby became a profession as he became employed by multiple private studios around the greater Phoenix area through recommendations of students and instructors. As a performer, Zachariah is constantly striving to find multiple ways to approach difficulties in his learning in order to better facilitate more versatile teaching skills with his own students. In his educational career, Zachariah expects he will continue performing and teaching continuously while working diligently to promote a supportive musical community in his home state.

Adam Bei - Piano, Voice, Guitar and Drums Glendale, AZ

Angie Gater

Piano, Flute and Voice

Angie has had 33 years of experience and has received her Bachelors Degree in Music Education BME from the University of Oklahoma. She has had the pleasure of being a Music Educator for over 25 years, 14 of which were in public school, and the rest as a private instructor. She loves every day that she can teach music, because she delights in being able to give such an enjoyable gift that her students can keep giving to others!

She’s been a singer since day one, began piano lessons in kindergarten, and then took up the flute in 5th grade. She never would have expected that her flute playing abilities would carry her through college, where she received scholarships to become a Music Educator.

Originally an OKIE, but she has taught all over the United States, and had the privilege of performing abroad and studying with great professors and performers alike. Angie has been a performer in many symphonies, both in the U.S. and abroad and has crossed paths with many of the greats, including the late David Bowie, Philip Glass and the Moody Blues.

Although these opportunities have molded her musical performing career, Angie knows that her heart is forever bound to shaping students’ musical abilities to their full potential. Angie finds it a very rewarding experience and she is very happy to be a part of the Note Room faculty.

Adam Bei - Piano, Voice, Guitar and Drums Glendale, AZ

Christianna Resnick

Strings (Violin, Cello, etc.)

Christianna is a passionate Phoenix based cellist in the pursuit of her Bachelors of Music in Cello Performance. She is currently studying under both Ruth Wenger, principal cellist of the West Valley Symphony, and Matt Allen who is a teaching assistant of Thomas Landschoot at ASU. She has participated in numerous guitar ensemble concerts, been involved in multiple piano trios, and was a guest soloist for GCC’s guitar ensemble. Christianna has enjoyed teaching various stringed instruments, as well as working with coaching her peers within her ensembles. Upon her completion of a Bachelors degree, Christianna will then pursue a Masters of Music in Cello Performance.