Will I be able to read & write music?

YES! Beginners will learn the basics in piano education, key placement and will be learning to read music within a few weeks. We teach our students to read music and to fully comprehend their music education.

At what age should a child begin learning piano?

Every piano lesson is a private, one on one, lesson tailored to the learning needs of the student. For children, our piano lesson program is fun and motivating. We have an excellent piano curriculum for kids starting as young a 4 years old! 1000’s of children have graduated through the Note Room’s Piano curriculum with tremendous success.

On a tight budget?

Our affordable monthly payment plans are available with no long term contract requirements. We have no gimmicks, we just offer the best price, always & everyday! The only fees you will pay are the cost for each music lesson & methods books. The Note Room Academy has convenient monthly auto payment plans, as well as, credit cards payments or you can pay online. The piano books are sold at cost, ranging from $4-$15. We have done our very best to keep the cost of each lesson to minimum – offering a tremendous value for your dollar spent. Credit cards are accepted plus convenient pay online options are available. There are not extra fees for private one on one lessons. Private music lessons are standard for all music students. We are excited about our new composition, pop theory and improvisation classes that will be taught by Tracy Williams, a world class perfomer and College Music Professor. He is also offering advantaced guitar instruction. Great opportunity for all of you intermediate/advanced players who want to expand their musical horizons. Also, Cody Dull, our theater instructor is now enrolling students. Acting opportunities will present themselves throughout the year. Be part of the drama and fun!

Does the Note Room Academy of Music host recitals and performances?

Yes! Piano, guitar, violin, vocal and drums as well as acting students will perform 2 to 3 times per year. Participation in a performance is optional but highly recommended, especially for beginners. Each student that performs is recognized with a personalized trophy during the recital. This is exciting and motivating for all students. Most experience a desire to improve further after watching their peers perform. A participation fee may be applied to recital participants in order to cover the costs of the event.

For over 20 years, Shirley Mollyhorn of The Note Room Academy of Music has been involved in piano instruction & music education serving the Phoenix & West Valley area with music lessons. Are you interested in taking piano, voice, violin, guitar and drum lessons near your home? How about polishing your drama skills for theater?

The recommended service area extends to the following West Valley & North Phoenix cities: