~ Summertime offers extra time for fun on the piano together


phoenix piano schoolLet’s Talk about Summertime Piano Lessons. School is out, your busy schedule of sports activities, events & ceremonies has finally settled down. Perhaps the extra free time is the perfect opportunity to begin piano lessons? Most parents say …Yes! Most children will not agree – they want to enjoy the relaxed schedule that summertime brings, but is that really in their best interest?

Some piano teachers say, “Yes, give the kids a break. Time to rest & relax is beneficial.” Others believe that the extra time in the summer allows for more lessons & more practicing which results in tremendous growth in their music education that would be lost if your piano student takes a long break.

At the Note Room Piano Studio we believe that the decision to choose whether or not summertime piano lessons are a good option for your child, is yours. If you choose piano lessons – we would be honored to be your piano school. Now is the time to register for Summer Piano Lessons. The Note Room Piano Studio – Phoenix Piano Lessons is now accepting new piano students for the summer months. Summer break is a great time to start piano instruction. Only a handful of spaces remain for new piano students wanting to take piano lessons at our Phoenix North Glendale Piano Studio – Space is Limited!

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