Archisha Performs Tango Dramatico By Catherine Rollin On Piano At Our Glendale Piano Studio

Our Glendale Piano Studio is home to some of the most wonderful students in all of Arizona. Like many busy families in the area, these kids are involved in school programs, after-school programs, and sports. Still, with joy, they find time to make it here for music lessons weekly. Our music school in Glendale offers piano lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons. drum lessons, violin, and voice. We are excited by the potential of all our students as they continue to amaze us with their growth musically. Our music teachers are some of Glendale’s best, and we are excited by the fact that students come from all over the Phoenix-Metro area to learn from our instructors. We take pride in our work, our studio, and our students. We hope you enjoy this piano performance from one of our young students Archisha. Her commitment to her art and her constant progression always amazes us.

About Our Head Music Instructor In Glendale Arizona

Our team of world-class instructors is well versed in theory and concert performances. Shirley studied piano with Joan Gilbert and Daniel Fletcher in Memphis, TN and graduated from MSU in Piano Performance. She also has an extensive performance background with various churches in the Phoenix Valley, as well as back east. She accompanied the Marshallette Trio on Doyle Blackwood’s weekly TV show for several years and has also accompanied singers on TBN. She has worked with various studio artists, played many different genres of music and performed in many different settings as an accompanist, and soloist for weddings, lounge music, classical music, church, etc. Shirley is also a member of the Phoenix Music Teacher’s Association and the Music Teacher’s National Association. Her teaching experience includes Music Works Academy, The Institute of Music Education in Scottsdale, and Milano’s Music Studios in Mesa which has compiled 20+ years of experience. Experience includes class setting, as well as private lessons with all ages. In addition to learning songs, many other techniques are used to improve the students’ technical skills and chord/scale knowledge, which will give each student a solid foundation for growth potential. “My goal as your teacher is to enable you to progress and succeed in whatever direction you choose to take your musical adventure, whether that is classical, rock, gospel, jazz, etc.”

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Learn More About Tango Dramatico As Referenced From Google Books

“All of the energy of a tango is expressed in this rhythmic solo written in 4/4 meter. It is an excellent study of i and V7 chords in E minor. Both of these chords are used in block and broken style. The use of melodic and rhythmic patterns throughout will aid in learning and memorizing this crowd-pleasing piece. Students will enjoy the drama of tango style and will be inspired to play with a big, bold sound.”

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