Summer Piano Lessons

Are Summer Piano Lessons A Good Option For Your Children?

Summer Piano Lessons
~ Summertime offers extra time for fun on the piano together.

Let’s Talk about Summertime Piano Lessons. School is out, your busy schedule of sports activities, events & ceremonies has finally settled down. Perhaps the extra free time is the perfect opportunity to begin piano lessons? Most parents say …Yes! Most children will not agree – they want to enjoy the relaxed schedule that summertime brings, but is that really in their best interest?

Some piano teachers say, “Yes, give the kids a break. Time to rest & relax is beneficial.” Others believe that the extra time in the summer allows for more lessons & more practicing which results in tremendous growth in their music education that would be lost if your piano student takes a long break.

At the Note Room Piano Studio we believe that the decision to choose whether or not summertime piano lessons are a good option for your child, is yours. If you choose piano lessons – we would be honored to be your piano school. Now is the time to register for Summer Piano Lessons. The Note Room Piano Studio – Phoenix Piano Lessons is now accepting new piano students for the summer months. Summer break is a great time to start piano instruction. Only a handful of spaces remain for new piano students wanting to take piano lessons at our Phoenix North Glendale Piano Studio – Space is Limited!

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As we researched the opinions of others on this matter, many good comments were discovered – shared by Piano Instructors, parents & piano lesson students. Below is a link to one of those resources, titled “Summer Piano Lessons – Yes or No?” It’s an interesting read, please share with us your comments & input too.

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Piano Ensemble Success for Phoenix Piano Lessons Students

piano studentPhoenix Piano Students Participate in Piano Ensemble – Phoenix Piano Lessons

Every year since 1952 the Phoenix Music Teachers Association presents a Piano Ensemble.  This event  is one of their oldest and most beloved traditions. According to PMTA, “The Piano Ensemble has become well known throughout the Valley as an excellent musical experience for both observers and performers. In recent years, world-renowned composers Kevin Olson, Robert Vandall and David Karp have eagerly accepted commissions to compose specifically for the Piano Ensemble, and they have also been honored conductors at the concerts.”  This year many students from the Note Room Piano Studio in Glendale Arizona, were selected to participate in the Piano Ensemble.  Participation is a great honor and requires a great deal of effort, practice and diligence from both student and teacher.  Nearly 15 of the bright young piano students instructed by Ms. Shirley Hayes of the Note Room Piano Studio, performed spirited duets and jazzy song selections, such as “Under The Big Top”  and “Dragon Fire Fantasy”.

“I am so proud of my students!  What an amazing evening.  Their selections were perfectly executed and beautifully played.  Music truly does enrich our lives.” ~ Shirley Hayes, Piano Teacher and Member of the Phoenix Music Teachers Association.

To learn more about the PMTA Piano Ensemble or to schedule your  Glendale Piano Lessons, contact the Note Room Piano Studio or call Ms. Shirley at 602.571.1909.  Space is limited for Piano Lessons in Glendale & Piano Lessons in Phoenix – Don’t delay, Call Today!

Phoenix Piano Lessons
Phoenix Piano Lessons

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